How do you charge?

For eDesign I charge a flat rate depending on the room. For construction or remodel projects I charge a combination of flat rate and hourly depending on the stage and scope of the project. Our hourly fee is currently $135.

How do designers make money?

Designers make money in a combination of ways, design fees whether a flat rate or hourly, are one way for a designer to make money. The other way is the difference between the wholesale price the designer receives and the price paid by the client. For some reason this is seen as controversial but it shouldn't be, designers as a result of their experience and contacts have access to products at lower prices than the general consumer. This has changed a little in recent years as some “trade only” products are now available online. However our promise to you is that we will always strive to give you the best price which is generally still less than retail and we split our profit margin with you so we all win.

How long does the design process take?

eDesign: For hopefully obvious reasons has a much quicker time frame. From start to finish eDesign can be as quick as 3-4 weeks. The finished result  will include:

  • A specific floor plan with furniture layout for your space

  • A mood board which conveys the overall project direction including color palette

  • A detailed shopping list with website links, product specification and pricing

Construction or Remodel: this is harder to pin down as it depends on so many factors. In an ideal word, without any of the delaying factors (see below)  all the design work can be done in 4-5 months.

What holds up a design project?

Lead times

Custom upholstered pieces especially but even retail pieces can have long lead times, anywhere up to 10 weeks and that does not include shipping. Wallcoverings and fabrics can take up anywhere from 2-3 weeks and thats assuming they are in stock.


This is a whole other factor and unfortunately largely out of our control. Things do get delayed, it happens and it sucks, we work through it and keep clients in the loop at all times.


Slow decision making will definitely delay the process as will asking for multiple revisions. They will also end up costing you more money!  We present what we believe to be the best products for your project based on our expertise and knowledge which is why you hired us right!! If you absolutely hate something thats no problem we are happy to present alternatives but if you are on the fence and not sure we ask you to trust. The pieces that my clients have often perceived to be the riskiest are often the pieces they end up loving the most. Doing your homework and knowing what you want will definitely help make this process easier for you.

Why Can’t I just order product myself?

You can but we would ask why you hired a designer,  a big part of this relationship is trust. We ask that you trust that we know what we are doing, have your best interests in mind and ultimately will deliver a better result than you would be able to achieve on your own.

What does it cost to furnish a room?

It really depends and we can help you figure this out but the short answer is that its more than you think! For example for a family room you should budget around $15,000.  We want to give you a completed space, that means furniture, paint, window treatments, artwork and accessories so even if we are sourcing at a mid price point all those items add up. We sometimes find that the budget clients have in mind while still a very big number is not realistic to do everything they want. Since this is our job we do know what things cost and what it takes to finish a room.  We totally understand that doing a whole house is not alway feasible so we would much rather do one room at a time and do it well than spread the budget thinly over multiple rooms.