It’s often the case with families with young children that the rest of the room, especially the children's rooms are fabulous and pulled together but the parents space, the master bedroom is sadly neglected. That was definitely the case here, so the clients asked Dezaar Interiors to complete  their attic bedroom. With taste that veered towards mid century, two custom dressers were built to fit under the attics sloping roof, new lighting, wallpaper, paint and accessories completed the room.

The Client:

She works in public radio and has a passion for vintage textiles, he is a busy doctor, they love mid century style, are heavily involved in the community and have two young boys.


The inspiration was a gorgeous vintage wallpaper from Sandberg.

3437 Fremont Ave S_001.jpg
3437 Fremont Ave S_002.jpg
3437 Fremont Ave S_004.jpg
3437 Fremont Ave S_005.jpg