A true labor of love, this lucky family of 6 found their dream house in their dream location. However the floor plan wasn’t functional for a young family with four children and the house had not been updated for many years. The upper floor was totally gutted and rebuilt into 4 bedrooms, a laundry and playroom and the two existing bathrooms were updated cosmetically but largely left as is. On the main level new floors, removing all the heavy window treatments, updating the fireplace, buckets of paint (mostly white with a little bit of black), and new light fixtures totally transformed the space.

The Client:

This is Nicole’s previous home. As all designers know, you are your own worst client, but in this case with a short time frame the decision making was quick and thankfully with a patient husband on board they agreed on their overall aesthetic and got to work

THE Inspiration:

The house was built in the 1920’s and elements of that era were definitely in the back of our minds, also the black and white floor in the entry immediately triggered the color palette for the whole house.

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